Video Reference

The following is a reference list of videos about Aginity Pro and how to use its features.

Shortcut Key Reference

Command Action
Command K + C (Mac) or Ctrl K + C (Windows) Comment lines of code
Command K + U (Mac) or Ctrl K + U (Windows) Uncomment lines of code
Command F (Mac) or Ctrl F (Windows) Find and Replace Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

The section below is dedicated to commonly asked questions that we compile and provide answers to. Over time as things change we will keep this table up to date.

What Control do I have with Row Limit Preference?

By default we cap the row limit preference to 100K rows to discourage users from spooling too much data across your network. Trust us your network infrastructure folks do appreciate it. Fear not though, you have options. First, if you set the preference to 0, it will spool as much as you want until either you run out of memory or your query completes. Alternatively, we recommend spooling the output to a file if you are doing returns greater than 100K rows. Refer to the documentation on execute query to file.

SQL Reference Guides for Supported connections

As SQL developers ourselves we thought putting links to the databases we support in our documentation was a good idea so here they are!

Driver Support Reference

The table below is a cross reference of driver versions by platform

Platform Driver Version Class Name
Netezza Not distributed with software (nzjdbc.jar) org.netezza.Driver
SQL Server 7.2.0 jre8
Greenplum and Postgres 42.2.5 org.postgresql.Driver
Hive 1.2.1 org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver
Snowflake 3.6.23, 3.6.28, 3.5.5 net.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeDriver
IBM DB2 Warehouse db2jcc4