Using Discovery Panel in Aginity Pro

The Discovery Panel is a feature that is unique to Aginity Pro and which allows you to quickly identify and reuse code that you’ve previously executed or saved. Using the Discovery Panel begins with a search. Watch the video below to get a sense for how this feature works.

By default, the Discovery Panel allows you to search both your query execution history and your Pro Catalog at the same time. However, by selecting one of the radio buttons in the Discovery Panel you can choose to focus on just one or the other if you prefer.

Searching Query Execution History

Start by typing in any free-text you want such as Sales as shown Below

Searching your query history using the Discovery Panel

The search engine will do a full text search and display all results.

Searching the Amp Pro Catalog

Buy clicking on the Catalog radio button you will restrict your search as shown below.

Searching your Amp Pro catalog using the Discovery Panel

Expanding the results

Once you have performed a search, Amp Pro will dynamically update the results in the Discovery Panel to match the search term you have entered. You’ll be able to view a small amount of the query by default, but if more is required you can click on the arrows in the corner of the preview in order to expand the snippet further.

Expanding the results within the Discovery Panel

Doing More with the Discovery Panel

A place holder for advanced filtering capabilities