Installing Aginity Pro

The following sections will discussing installing Aginity Pro on both Windows and Mac. To start download the software if you have not from the Aginity Web Site

Mac Install

To start the Mac install click on the Pro “dmg” file you downloaded.

Installing on Mac

Drag the Aginity icon into your Applications Directory. Once complete you can open the application from your Launchpad icon.

Launching on Mac

Windows Install

To start the Windows install click on the Pro “exe” file you downloaded.

You will be prompted to fill first choose whether to install as Only for me or Anyone who uses this computer (all users) on the machine. If you are installing the application on a VM or other shared infrastructure you should choose all users.

Installing on Windows Pick Context

Secondly, pick the installation directory for the software.

Picking Destination Folder

Once complete you should be able to launch Aginity Pro.

Launching on Windows

Opening for the First Time

Once you have opened the application you will be presented with a clean instance of Aginity Pro.

Opening Amp

Once you open Aginity Pro you will commonly do these Actions.

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